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Hansells Instant Puddings!

Hansells was founded in Masterton in 1934 by Messrs Hansen and Maunsell when they identified a niche in the New Zealand market for locally produced food flavourings and essences. It was the combination of the two names of these entrepreneurs that determined the name "Hansells". It was also a brand born of innovation, reportedly starting as a series of experiments in their chicken shed !

From humble beginnings Hansells has grown to be an iconic kiwi food brand synonymous with baking and famous for its range of ready-to-make food and beverages. We are passionate about creating delicious new recipes that will delight. From our kitchen to yours, we take the hassle out of satisfyingly good cooking.

Hansells also provide high quality products to the Food Service & Hospitality sectors. A great example of this is their range of Instant Desserts available in a 2.5kg format, which are designed to be a labour saving product for Cooks and Chefs in any environment where speed of preparation, consistent quality, and low food cost are key.

The range includes Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. Made simply by the addition of chilled water, the end product is a tasty dessert with a mousse like texture. Ideal for Aged & Health Care environments where bulk preparation is required, the Hansells range of Instant Desserts is sure to please. While its is primarily designed to be served as a stand alone dessert, the product can be used in many other ways such as piped into sweet pastry cases, rolled into crepes, or as a tasty alternative filling in brandy snaps.

The range is available Nationally in a 2.5kg pouch


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