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Cottage Lane Artisan Buns!

To create the perfect Artisan bun we needed the perfect artisan element, an authentic 'sourdough bug', a living fermented culture of flour and water. This would give us our traditional rustic flavour and be the key ingredient to start to our Cottage Lane baked breads. To find a truly authentic bug, we went to great lengths - over 10,000 kilometres away to the heart of sourdough baking.

It was 2006 when one of our owners, John Cockburn, jumped on a plane bound for San Francisco. He brought back the beloved sourdough bug from a family-run bakery dating back to the late 1800s. The bug itself was a strain that had been cherished in the family since the 1940s. That’s what makes our Cottage Lane Artisan Buns so special, at the core of its recipe is an 80 year old traditional sourdough ferment bug. Its hard to get more authentic than that!

The Sourdough starter is combined with our New Zealand grown flour, salt, water and other ingredients and left to ferment for over an hour before processing, this fermentation time allows for an authentic flavour, aroma, texture and generally all round premium quality bread to be baked.

Our Artisan buns are big, square and soft. They don’t fit the round peg but they are perfect for a juicy beef patty, buttermilk chicken breast or grilled aubergine and halloumi. They arrive to you frozen so you only defrost what you need, reducing your wastage. Once defrosted they are soft and fresh and ready to eat. The bonus is they are pre sliced so that’s one less thing for you to do.

Mix up your menu with a square rustic Artisan Bun full of flavour and tradition. These buns are plant based so a great option for your veggie and vegan friends too.


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