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Chateau Chocolate Éclair Ice-cream!

Just in time for Summer, Chateau ice cream announces their latest creation “Chocolate Éclair” ice cream. Available Nationally from Bidfood in a conveniently resealable 5L tub, this ice cream blends classic French Vanilla ice cream with its baked custard taste, with succulent swirls of rich dark chocolate ripple to recreate the classic Chocolate Éclair dessert treat.

The versatility of a French Vanilla based flavour means it lends itself well to any dessert whether its fruit, chocolate, or pastry based. This flavour also scoops well into cones for ice cream parlours.

French Vanilla ice cream is renowned for its thick creamy profile that includes cooked custard notes. That’s what makes this ice cream taste reminiscent of a Chocolate éclair with its traditional custard filling. The use of a high quality dark chocolate ripple swirled through the ice cream completes the illusion of the chocolate icing topping of the traditional éclair.

This new flavour is available in a resealable 5L plastic tub to retain its freshness. Other tips to storing and serving your ice cream include ensuring the tub is indeed resealed when stored, ensuring your freezer is running at less than -18 degrees, and making sure your scoop is lubricated with just enough water to make it produce a nice smooth ball when rolled… but not so much water that it drips off the scoop into your tub of ice cream – if this happens, then the water droplets will freeze and could potentially create icy granules in your ice cream – so just give the scoop a quick shake over the sink to release any errant droplets before scooping !

We hope you enjoy your Chateau Chocolate Éclair ice cream just as much as we enjoyed creating it !


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