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Celeriac - Winter

celeriac sliced in half
Not as familiar in our kitchens as some of its winter cousins, knobbly, odd-shaped celeriac is a type of celery, cultivated for its root. It is well known in England, Europe, Asia and India.

The skin is textured and ridged and most often peeled and discarded. The flesh is creamy-white and firm but not as firm as a carrot.

Raw, celeriac has fantastic crunch and a super nutty, celery-like flavour that makes it perfect for salads and slaws. Cooked, it takes on a slight sweetness that works well mashed, baked, roasted or boiled. It all adds up to celeriac being an extraordinarily versatile vegetable that's worth adding to your winter menu.


Try celeriac as a mash accompanied with the big-flavoured, slow-cook dishes customers love in the cold weather or enjoy raw as they do in France as a classic remoulade served with cold meat or a succulent ham hock. Keeping it raw, celeriac makes a delicious addition to slaws and salads. Try slicing, grating or using a mandolin for different textures.

This root veg works well in creamy dishes, and with cheese—try a celeriac bake with Parmesan crumbs as a seasonal side. Celeriac also pairs well with the sharpness of blue cheese.

Celeriac soup is a great winter staple or try celeriac oven chips for a healthier twist. Its flesh can create delicious vegan meat-style dishes like a schnitzel.


Available April to November; grown across both Islands.


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