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Build-a-gift with Bidfood

It’s been another big year for hospitality and like the rest of the country you’ve likely faced staff shortages due to sickness or travel restrictions. This means you and your staff have had to work harder and longer to ensure your customers are getting great service.

A little appreciation goes a long way in making sure staff members feel seen and valued. Personalised gift “baskets” are a great way to show a little love and you can make them to suit any budget!


Don’t panic if you don’t have a collection of wicker baskets lying around. There are many alternative containers you can use to create a perfect gift basket! Cardboard trays, boxes, fun bowls, colanders, skillets and plastic trays are just a few ideas.

Choose packaging that suits the budget – you can be as conservative as needed with a smaller container or create large luxury gifts with bigger cartons or baskets.

Click here to view our range of packaging solutions you could utilise for gifting.


Biopak Bio Catering Box and Lid with Window

Huhtamaki Brown Catering Boxes

Detpak Food Tray Endura Brown

Pacific Cartons White Cake Box

Before you begin arranging products fill the bottom of your container with something soft like shredded paper to help lift items.


Include product like jams, dessert toppings, confectionery, olive oils, coffee, tea, wine, sparkling grape juice, biscuits and crackers. New Zealand made products or products with classic NZ flavours and ingredients are great.

We’ve curated a list of Bidfood’s best gifting products – click here to get inspired!


A few tips on how to fill your basket with beautiful products, sure to delight and surprise your staff:

Make gifting and storing your gifts easy by choosing ambient items instead of chilled!

Whatever size basket or box you’re going with you’ll want a mix of small, medium and large items with different textures and materials for the best visual.

Build your basket from back to front starting with largest items and ending with smallest.

Make sure everything is secure – fill gaps with something like tissue paper to make sure items don’t move around.


Use a simple clear cellophane to wrap your gifts and secure with ribbon or twine.


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