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Beetroot - Summer

beetroot sliced on a plate
Bursting with colour and flavour, you’d be hard pressed to find a more vibrant veg than beetroot. Most of you would know beetroot from menus at your local burger joint, thankfully there is more to beetroot than sliced on a kiwi burger!

Beets are beautiful roasted. Their earthiness pairs well with the salty sharpness of goats’ cheese and the pepperiness of rocket; match with candied nuts or a buttery pastry. Puree for a brilliant smear or to create a dazzling dip. Or add to brownies or chocolate cake for a moistness and earthiness that matches perfectly with the richness of the cocoa flavour.

Create your own beetroot relish for a modern take that will go well on everything from a burger or gourmet sandwich to crostini or a cheese platter. Take it to the next level and add beetroot to your ferments - just think, bright purple sauerkraut.


Our pre-prepared noodles and julienne beetroot are perfect for raw beetroot salads, be it the main ingredient or one of many. The other benefit of our

pre-prepared beets (which include grated, diced, whole peeled as well as the noodles and julienne) is your hands won’t look like you committed a violent crime.


Packed full of antioxidants and anti- inflammatory properties, beetroot makes a delicious juice, perfectly pitched to the health conscious while also being visually stunning.

And if that vivid red is the look you’re after, beetroot makes for the perfect dye, be it to pickle eggs or to create a pasta dough or risotto with pizzazz.

If the traditional purple variety isn’t exciting enough for you, try the gold and Chioggia variety which, along with the purple, also come in the baby form.

Root to tip

Beetroot leaves are both good looking and edible. In fact, onceit was the leaves that were eaten more than the root.


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