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Beans - Summer

different types of beans
Jack discovered long ago the magic of beans. While we’re not suggesting beans can transport you to a different world, with summer beans can become a giant favourite in your kitchen. As beans are generally imported in the colder months we need to remember to celebrate the fresh locally grown varieties and colours summer brings.

Broad beans are the first to arrive (in spring) and make for a creamy green puree, are the perfect pop of colour in a Buddha Bowl and a delicious alternative to avocado smash.

While French beans make for an easy side (blanched and then sautéed with garlic butter or perhaps a lemon flavoured olive oil and served with lashings of Parmesan), they are also delectable raw. Shred them through a summer slaw or finely chop and add to a summer salad.

Snake bean or China Long bean are grassy and slightly sweet, best when picked young while they are crisp and tender. Add them to a stir fry or in a curry.

Flat bean, English Runner bean are crisp, slightly juicy interior with petite undeveloped seeds.

Butter Beans are unmatched in flavour and tenderness, they are crunchy and sweet.

Looking for a cabinet salad that won’t wilt? Beans—be them broad, green, butter or a combination of many—are the perfect solution. From the classic Niçoise to four bean salad, beans dressed in a Romesco sauce or drizzled with a herb dressing, they are sure to tempt.

Or pickle them and add to that grazing or cheese platter.


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