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Baduzzi and their journey

Baduzzi’s menu is a cornucopia of dishes that bring the warmth and beauty of simply fresh, seasonal cuisine bursting with flavour. Michael and Baduzzi head chef Federico Schinariol want customers to leave knowing the comfort and delight of a traditional Italian family experience. The kitchen is a space of collaboration, with Michael and Federico leaning on the whole kitchen team for their expertise of input and feedback. The menu is a true testament to this collaboration, boasting the true flavours of Italian cuisine made with love for the customer experience above all.

Baduzzi has long been known for its use of fresh, seasonal produce, in particular, the use of truffles throughout the winter menu when they become available. While different truffles grow in different seasons, many are found over the winter months, while weather conditions can bring early or late seasons, affecting availability.

Once the truffles have made their grand entrance into the stock of Bidfresh Auckland, Fred and Michael enjoy hand-selecting these mysterious black, textured diamonds of the underground. Creating dishes, their trick is to keep it simple – truffles can be overpowering if used in abundance. Their top advice for top-notch truffle creations is to let the truffle be the hero. In other words, let this luxury ingredient speak while keeping the dish simple. Unpretentious dishes, paired with handmade pasta, fresh protein or mixed with butter and melted over a fresh red protein, then finished with a display of shaved fresh truffle, utilizes the dramatic textured contrasting look means the Baduzzi truffle dish becomes the next top menu offering.

Truffles are considered a luxury product, and the anticipation of truffles season is loved by foodies across the world – don’t be afraid to experiment and test and create memories for your customers.

Michael’s favourite dish is the Tournedos Rossini, named after the famed Italian opera composer Giovacchini Rossini, who loved French cuisine. The hero protein of lean beef is pan fried in butter, traditionally served atop hot, toasted bread, with sautéed foie gras and black truffles, and finished with a Madeira demi-glace sauce. The epitome of beautiful French cuisine. - MICHAEL DEARTH

For Federico truffles are best in a simple risotto; silky rice with sharp parmesan and the earthy tones of black truffle stirred through. Top with shaved truffle for drama and so patrons know they are enjoying fresh, magnificent truffle that’s fresh from the earth. - FEDERICO SCHINCARIOL


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