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Endorsed by baristas

Passionate about coffee, we've created a comprehensive range to offer baristas and businesses quality without compromise.

All coffee beans are roasted in New Zealand, and our latest range is Fair Trade and organic certified, including coffee beans and filter coffee. Aside from coffee, we have a gluten free drinking chocolate product to complete your menu.

Barista Federation

Quality plant-based barista milks crafted for performance

Barista Federation's alternative milk range is crafted to perform perfectly under heat - resulting in silky, rich milks that offer a lovely balance to your brews.

Our range includes:

  • Barista oat milk

  • Barista almond milk

  • Barista coconut milk

  • Barista soy milk (sweetened and organic unsweetened variants)

Each of our non-dairy milks froth beautifully, producing glossy milk with small bubbles that are incredible to pour and taste.

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The naturally good alternative

Barista Federation Plant-Based Milks

  • Natural source of protein

  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

  • No preservatives

  • Not genetically modified

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