Meat Processing

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Purpose built food manufacturing premises are located in Auckland and Christchurch. With unique capabilities each operation produces products specialised for the market and customers. Both premises have key competitive advantages in terms of product offering however all processed meats from both operations are nationally distributed via foodservice.

All product is purchased direct from approved meat suppliers and quality is monitored all the way – paddock to plate.

Auckland Operation

Located in Mt Wellington, specialists in sous-vide meat production and ‘Butchers Choice’ grinding meats, minced and diced. 

Bidfood has heavily invested in a new sous-vide operation, one of its kind in New Zealand using the latest technology producing added value sous-vide product range. 

Customers of Bidfood can exclusively purchase ‘Naturalaz’ and ‘Kitchen IQ’ products processed in the sous-vide operation.


‘Naturalaz’ represents high quality meat products processed naturally with no additives. Beginning with five cuts in a convenient, easy-to-store pack, this crowd pleaser range delivers succulent and juicy results every time.

Sous Vide Cooked

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‘Kitchen IQ’ is intelligent kitchen solutions, providing our customers with functional, time saving, minimized cost and wastage products without jeopardising quality and flavours. This new range includes Smokey BBQ pulled pork and sous-vide pork belly.

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Christchurch Operation

Located in Harewood, specialists in bacon, ‘Homestead’ pork, sausages and processed meats.
Also offering our customers full range of portion cut and packaged top quality primal beef while manufacturing/processing 'Butchers Choice' minced and diced beef, lamb, pork and poultry products.

'Homestead' succulent and delicious ham, born and raised in New Zealand.


Order Homestead Ham for your Christmas function today, visit today!