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Specialist manufacture and processing of small goods, meat and fresh produce. In house, purpose built food manufacturing premises, supplying the foodservice industry.

Two divisions operate within Processing - Meat Processing and ‘Prepared Produce’. Both these divisions operate in Auckland and Christchurch.

fruit salad prep prod

Prepared Produce 

An exclusive offering to Bidfood customers, processed and packaged within our own processing operations. Prepared Produce is fruit and vegetables that have been peeled, diced, portioned cut according to the relevant use of each product. ‘Prepared Produce’ a chef’s advantage as it saves on preparation time, cost, minimizes waste and assists with portion control.

The prep plants purchase around 640MT of product per week and process this to around 400MT of finished product.

Continuous investment in these facilities allows us to automate functions such as peeling, grating, chopping and dicing and 

roast veg portion cute prep prod

to provide a finished product that is consistent in appearance and size.

Alongside the automation that is achieved through high quality machinery, there is also a lot of personal touch.  Bidfood processing plants employee approximately 70 people.

BIDFOOD Processing Auckland 2017 17

Meat Processing

grinding meats processingPurpose built food manufacturing premises, there are some key differences between the Auckland and Christchurch operations.

They both have key competitive advantages in terms of product offering however all processed meats from both operations are nationally distributed via foodservice.

Product is purchased direct from approved meat suppliers and quality is monitored all the way – paddock to plate.

Being a Bidfood customer allows you to exclusively purchase both Prepared Produce and Naturalaz sous vide products. 


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