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On the road to delivering sustainably

Bidfood launches first 100% electric truck

With its distinctive livery and signage, the new Bidfood FUSO eCanter is bringing sustainability to the roads of Auckland. The fully electric truck is part of the Zero Emissions Area Trail (ZEA), and will deliver to restaurants, cafes and hotels in Auckland's city centre.

The first 100% electric truck is an important milestone for Bidfood NZ. As a food service operator, we continue to focus on our environmental footprint, particularly as the effects of global warming become more severe.

The new vehicle allows us to retain our highly responsive service to our inner-city customers, while directly contributing to the lives of the residents and visitors to the central city area by helping create a low emissions environment.

A second eCanter is set to be launched at Bidfood Christchurch in the first quarter of 2022, as part of the Christchurch City Council Christchurch Shopping District Battery Electric Truck Delivery Services Project.

Zero Emissions Area Trial (ZEA)

Bidfood are proud to be a participant in The Auckland Inner City Zero Emissions Area (ZEA) Trial, alongside Mainfreight, Toll Global Express, Owens Transport and Vector OnGas. The year long trial aims to reduce air pollution in the CBD by moving towards emission-free freight services. Auckland Council plans to create a zero-emissions area by 2030.

Bidfood thank Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), Auckland Transport and FUSO for their efforts in bringing this project to life.


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