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Mainland Haloumi Cheese

Introducing Mainland Haloumi Cheese in a new 700g pack size. Crafted using the traditional Cypriot cooked curd method, where it’s pressed and cooked in hot whey allowing the cheese to rise to the top. This process helps the haloumi remain firm and maintain its shape when cooked. With its salty taste ad squeaky-to-bite quality, Mainland Haloumi Cheese says satisfaction in every slice.

Key Benefits

Traditional Haloumi Performance

Mainland Haloumi has a great balance of performance and flavour while still remaining smooth and firm yet creamy with that signature Haloumi squeak.

Convenient and Versatile pack size

Our new 700g pack size for Mainland Haloumi is great for a wide range of dishes, from adding protein to vegetarian dishes, stirring into a creamy sauce, or simple grilling or frying.

Nutrient-Rich Protein Alternative

Made using 100% New Zealand milk from our grass-fed cows, Haloumi is packed with natural beta-carotenes, riboflavin, is a high source of calcium and a great source of protein for vegetarians.

Tip: Recommended to cook at an even medium temperature for premium results. You don’t always have to grill out or fry your haloumi! Think outside the box; panko crumbed as nuggets or fries. It’s amazing raw; finely grated or shaved over pasta. Try making some Haloumi crisps – the same way you make the classic parmesan crisp – for that extra crunch and wow factor for your creations.


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