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Discover Mainland Parmesan Cheese in the new 1kg pack size!

A very hard, dense cheese with a mature sharp flavour, Mainland Parmesan has a rich deep taste which gives it a pleasant sharpness. These attributes are achieved when Mainland Parmesan is cooked, pressed, and carefully matured. It takes 17 litres of milk to create just one kilogram of our Mainland Parmesan.

Key Benefits

Versatile Pack Size

The new 1kg pack makes Mainland Parmesan easier to utilise across a wide range of dishes. Great for parmesan snow, shaving or shredding.

Quality, Consistency and Provenance

Mainland Parmesan is made in the Waikato region at our Lichfield cheese factory from New Zealand grass-fed cow’s milk and aged to perfection.

Vegetarian Suitable

Mainland Parmesan is made using enzymes (non-animal rennet), making it vegetarian suitable so it can be based in a wide range of dishes.

Chefs Tips

Add a textural cheesy flavour bomb to your creations. Why not try a cool little trick; use your parmesan off cuts for a crumble or crunchy garnish. Simply dry diced parmesan pieces or off cuts, place on an un-covered tray and refrigerate overnight to dry out. Microwave on high for 40 seconds, to transform the pieces into a parmesan puff. Almost like a savoury honeycomb with all the punch of parmesan cheese.

Try this sharp cheese toady to help bring any dish alive!

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