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A ground-breaking online tool, MyBidfood combines your own recipes with real time pricing to give you cost per serve and order cost. Create your own menus from the recipes for quick glance ordering and financial reporting. This is a powerful tool to help customers manage and reduce their food cost.

Create and view, email or print recipes and menus. Calculate cost, sale price and gross margin per recipe and menu using our accurate price list. Incorporate labour and/or utility costs into calculation. Order direct from your recipes or menu.

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Step by Step Guide to Creating Recipes Online

Step 1

Click on “Create New Recipe”

Step 2

Enter recipe name and description, any labour and utility allowance, servings and sell price per serving

Step 3

Add your ingredients - By searching the product catalogue and selecting quantity or, - Add an ingredient not in the product catalogue by typing in the details

Step 4

Enter cooking instructions and an image of the recipe.

Step 5

Recipe costs and margins are automatically calculated.

Recipe Summary

Recipe Ingredients

Step by Step Guide to Creating Menus Online

Step 1

Click on “Create New Menu”

Step 2

Enter menu name, description and number of servings

Step 3

Build your menu by adding existing recipes from your recipe list or individual items from the product catalogue

Step 4

Menu costs and margins are automatically calculated

Edit Recipes and Menus

Automatically update ingredient quantities by changing your serving numbers. This will also update your recipe and menu prices so costs are always accurate.

edit recipies and menus

Replace Ingredients

Created a recipe or menu and a product is no longer available? Or simply want to substitute with another product?
Use ‘Replace Ingredient’ to substitute with a recommended ingredient or select your own.

replace ingredients

Saved Ingredients

Store ingredients from multiple recipes or menus here until you’re ready to add to your shopping basket. If you have duplicated ingredients across recipes, they will be consolidated into one order line for best buying options.

saved ingredients


Download reports including recipe/menu details and costing. View summary of ingredients per menu.



If the number of servings changes, update the number of servings and recalculate and save. This will automatically update ingredient quantities.
Recipe / menu pricing gets updated automatically as prices change, so are always current.
View, email or print all your recipes and menus.