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Personal Hygiene

Drivers are to wear disposable gloves for all deliveries – the process is as follows

  1. One pair of gloves per customer delivery.

  2. When the driver/runner reaches the customer destination, they park and make safe the vehicle.

  3. Get out of the truck and place on the disposable gloves – if available face masks are to be also applied.

  4. They make the delivery.

  5. They return to the truck and at the truck cab doors, they open the truck and dispose of the gloves in a sealed bag that is closed and sealed after each opening.

  6. They then apply sanitizer to their hands and then continue.

  7. When available the drivers are to use sanitizer wipes to wipe steering wheel and other regularly touched controls.


Contactless delivery process

The driver is to maintain safe working distance of 2m – when arriving at the customer site. Please check your surroundings prior to getting out of the cab. You must be able to maintain a distance of 2 metres before exiting – You can ask people (via the window) to leave the area to complete the delivery.

Drivers will follow any onsite/customer processes required by the specific site.

  1. At arrival of site the driver follows personal hygiene process.

  2. The driver makes the delivery whilst maintaining 2m separation – note if you cannot maintain this distance by entering into the customers site you will discuss the most appropriate location to leave the goods to maintain the distance with the site person – if site person is not onsite leave in a convenient location and radio to the dispatch office where they will notify the customer that the delivery is made and the location.

  3. The driver if a contact is available will ask for their name and compete the signing of the manifest themselves noting the name and time and date.

  4. If there is no contact onsite the driver will sign – delivered – and the date and time.

We will continue to respond to the latest on COVID-19 with the safety of our people, customers and community top of mind.